Investing in Stocks!

My last day of investing!! (Also the one bad day) 🙁

I had mentioned this in another blog, but I had read a book called “The Westing Game.” At one point in the game a character named Turtle had decided to invest in stocks. This inspired my class to also invest in stocks using formulas and fake money to simulate investing in stocks. Not counterfeit money, just fake money!!! Anyways, something that I was glad I invested in was Lululemon and General electric. Even though I may have lost money on Lulu on the last day of checking, it always produces a high stock rate! With general electric, it always went up even if it didn’t produce as much as I hoped! One company I regret investing in is Starbucks. It didn’t make too much money, and it doesn’t produce an average higher stock rate. I had learned that even if something looks really promising, just try to think about the consequences. I enjoyed this project though! I also enjoy the winner and loser announcement celebration! (Who won the most and who lost the most on the last day). It was short but funny! 

Ted Talks


I gave a Ted like talk last week. It was chaos for me, mentally of course. I think it went well but I had a few mess-ups. My talk was about how I draw. I spoke about anatomy, hands, expressions, and references/ tips! I really enjoyed the fact that I could choose my topic. I was supposed to know and learn a bit about my topic! I definitely did while I was presenting! I am still a growing artist and I hope that I can get even better at drawing over time! This was definitely a topic I could use knowledge and humor on! I would totally do this again.

(Some photos below! :D)

Projects this year!!








The book that was made!!(๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵).                                                                                        The first book I read with my Language Arts class would be The Last Cuentista, by Donna Barba Higuera.  This book was about a 12 year old girl, Petra Peña and her family are meant to relocate after Earth is destroyed. In a 370-year journey, children are mysteriously reprogrammed and adults were purged, Petra becomes the lone messenger of the forbidden stories from Earth and her grandmother’s Mexican cuentos. She tries to reawaken these controlled people on her journey and tries to find her family after breaking contact with each other. The overall theme of this story is to remember where you came from and bring your experiences with you. It talks about how someone’s culture should be told, in any different way. In this book, I learned about culture through cuentos.  (<— personal belief)
At one point in the school year, classes had been assigned to make an ideal world. The world of all a person’s desires. An ideal world based on their ideas and philosophy, even. I had made a world based on an escape, creativity, music, passion, you get the gist. “Another important part is the city of Ariana. This is also in Cupidau. Ariana was known as the god of equality and testimony. They had protected their people during their intense war, Ragna. Ariana was battling the god of mischief and suffering, Alessandra. Alessandra had disappeared after the war ended, but never died. Her offspring, Zolay had kept her promise for when she returned, they shall hellfire upon Cupidau. Nobody knows anything more about this except the ruler of Musille.” (<— Small part of my ideal world) Now at the time I really enjoyed doing this and I still love the fact that I got to express myself with a creative project like this! I hope that I can write creative assignments again. At the time I was really focused on making a Greek Mythology based world with my own principles mixed into it. (I was extremely invested in Greek Mythology which inspired the theme for this. I still like Greek mythology! Just not as much as I did earlier in the year.) I really enjoy creative writing experiences! I think this was an expressive idea and I’m glad I was able to do this. 
This year I also did a really cool collaboration with an Artist/ Collagist. Her name is Peg Gignoux. ( <— her page, check it out, it’s awesome!! 😋) Me and other students had created a book using akua ink printing, collage, folding/cutting, putting on covers. I had a lot of fun with this! It was a challenge for me because I like to sketch and draw things more than collaging but I enjoyed this nonetheless! 
This year’s projects have been fun and creative, I hope I am able to do projects like these in the future!



Mardi Gras

The paper chains

As a few know, Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday) occurs on Feb 21 this year. For those who don’t know what Mardi Gras is, it’s basically a Catholic holiday that represents Jesus. Besides that, this year I celebrated Mardi Gras at home and in my French class. One classmate of mine had brought the cake and even had the baby inside of it. Usually people wear clothes or jewelry with the colors of purple, yellow, & green for Mardi Gras. We got to wear some beaded necklaces, and some students from our class & other class periods made a paper chain with the Mardi Gras colors! My class also played a few fun games such as giuteen & Boule. Their person who got the baby was Cyrus, another person in my French class which was good because he had a competition. The GeoBee. It’s like a spelling bee but instead of spelling you have to guess geography locations. The reason why it’s good Cyrus got the baby is also because whoever gets the baby should have luck for the rest of the year. I did enjoy the little celebration and the cake was great. Thanks Holland, you saved the day! Or else, no… cake… 

My World


My planet!!!

    This pearly, silky smooth planet is a beautiful substitute for Earth if you ever need a place to hide from life. It’s right in between Uranus and Saturn! It has 2 rings, with all different colors. They even have names. Starting off with the closest one is Spes, which means “hope” in Latin! This beautiful belt is made out of royal red and light beige crystals called “Ariadnates”. The second one is named “Thanatos” because it’s led to believe that if anyone tries to take the power from the de-saturated baby pink Ariadnates, they shall suffer a curse from Zolay, Goddess of slaying, literally, in which your limbs start slicing off by themselves.

      Now, besides that, let’s move on to the geography of this captivating planet. There is the Sudiena, after the éclipsen goddess Sudiya. Sudiena is a lively place with amazing food, music, and it’s gonnadonas, which are similar to the gondola rides in Italy. Sudiena is very lively. The art and architecture there is eye-catching! This half-submerged nation is a great tourism spot and the people there are what they call themselves.. girliepops? The capital, Slaydom, is where one of Sudiena’s offspring, Everette now currently rules. While the other child, Lilian rules BiEi (Beh-Ey) the most populated place in Sudiena. 

       Moving on, there’s Cupidau after the ruler Cupidues. This is a rich, grassy olive green forestry nation with lots of flowers such as baby’s breath, heliotropes, peonies,  tulips, roses, and carnations. There are many monuments and sanctuaries. This is the most peaceful nation despite it having the most wars taken place. 

       Valian valley, located in Cupidau, is known as the land of prosperity and love after the hopeless romantic goddess, Jasmine and her brother, Yghasmin (Yas-min). Yghasmin was Cupidues lover which is how Cupidues became the first mortal ruler.  Another important part is the city of Ariana. This is also in Cupidau. Ariana was known as the god of equality and testimony. They had protected their people during their intense war, Ragna. Ariana was battling the god of mischief and suffering, Alessandra. Alessandra had disappeared after the war ended, but never died. Her offspring, Zolay had kept her promise for when she returned, they shall hellfire upon Cupidau. Nobody knows anything more about this except the ruler of Musille.

     Musille, the largest nation of all the nations, is known for music, fashion, art, and bougée people. Yes, bougée people, deal with it. It’s said that the first ruler is still alive to this day because she ages much slower than her people. During the carieno (care-eno) war, Alessandra cursed this ruler with immortality, but her curse backfired halfway through, so now the ruler is stuck with the curse of a slow and tiring death. Though nobody knows the goddess’s name that rules over Musille, people only know she’s the god of eternity and wisdom. 

     In summary, this nation is usually chilly regularly and in Geimhrei’ah  (gehm-re-ah it usually snows 40% of the season. The most native plant there are podalials (Po-dal-iyas). To describe this tree, the bark color is like scots pine,  and texture is like dark birch, and the flowers that bloom from it. It looks like a bouquet of baby’s breath, dark red roses, & pink daffodils. There are also luminescent teal leaves attached onto this tree that light up the streets at night. Celene, the capital of Musille, is the most elegant and relaxing city of Musille. It has heart throbbing greenery, very many gnome and fairy houses, and it has many cafes with tasty pastries made from the locals. You can find lily pads and ponds with tiny flowers inside. 

        That’s enough about geography, you’ll find out about the other places later in your journey. Carrying on about more basic facts, Éclipsons has 2 moons, Isaac & Ia. Isaac is a moon with small craters and a yellow like appearance, while Ia has no craters, but Ia does have a singular river that looks like a milky blue. The air looks like a sunset but it never changes its purple to yellow gradient. The air always smells like crisp mint except if you’re in Santiana where it smells like chocolate cake. That place is like a sweets paradise and what they call “bebi’s paradise” as well. Bebi is a term for the signature daphldillie’s meat, a native food from Santiana. 

            Moving on from geography, again, we have beautiful odials (oh-di-al’s) which are most known for their large ears and chubby-like face. They look like a cat but much bigger. Their tails are huge and feel like a sheep’s wool.. They are the cutest animals ever! Every nation has their own group of rulers that you can only be born in or married into. If a descendent doesn’t want to rule they can see someone who wants to and trade places with them! The world is mainly peaceful, firearms such as guns are rarely allowed unless it’s been government approved. We have This is where we get electronics. Their most popular item is starv.17. It works like the IPhone 13 but better.

“Anyhow, I hope you’re ready because we’re arriving really soon! Put on your helmet ok !(?@#*/^#>,” said the guide.

“Alright I’m ready,” I said as we were about to land on this mysterious planet…

Science Field Trip

This was the meeting of the whole 6th grade before the bus

My advisory boarding the bus

Me with my friends in the race exhibit

The field trip to the Museum of Natural Science was extremely enjoyable. I learned about how racism affects others’ health benefits and just daily life. Turns out race is just a concept created by humans! I also saw some insects and aquatic animals. I learned about comets and some incidents. I also learned that two comets came to North Carolina in a row! I saw some cool 3D printed toys? Statues? I’m unsure what to call them! Anyways, we also saw some statues which some I thought were cool, while others…. Are.. Confederate statues but I don’t have to talk about that! There was also a small exhibit where I could see the climate and some astronomical views such as stars and planets. We learned about prehistoric dinosaurs along with some old bones and facts about them. I saw some pretty cool quartz/ jewels. Lastly, I even got to see through a mosquito’s eyes (Not literally).

Window or Mirror

I’m currently reading the book Exit by Belinda Bauer. My book is mostly a window but it’s also a mirror because I’m not making contracts with others to make sure I’m not responsible for somebody’s death.  Though, I recently found out that the main character had lost someone very dear to him. I can relate to this big time. This is definitely a mystery thriller with a twist to it. I chose this book because I enjoy mystery and as soon as I saw this book I checked it out like Lightning McQueen. I often find mirror books somehow, I don’t even try to but it’s like I’m a magnet to those kinds of books. I wish I could find a book that I completely relate to, but I’ll keep searching!

Wisdom Tales

Wisdom Tales

The Wild Strawberry 🍓 

Ari is on the left I am on the right

I was assigned a project for the book Wisdom Tales, which contains… Well, tales with morals/lessons. I decided to choose the tale The Wild Strawberry which is a Japanese folklore story with a man, two mice, two tigers, a vine, and a strawberry.

The moral of this story was that at the brink of death, you appreciate your final moments and everything that you’ve had. Anyways, I had decided to work with my lovely friend, Ari on this project. The picture above is us showing our presentation. We were able to choose stop motion, a comic strip, a play, and an essay sort of form. Me and Ari chose to do a play and by using a few props, we were able to be somewhat successful.

A summary of this story would be very simple. A man was running away from a tiger when he had decided to grab onto a vine which the tiger couldn’t reach him, before his hopes could be restored, another tiger was below him. Then, he noticed two mice nibbling on the vine, and in his very last moments, he noticed a strawberry. Never had he tasted such an exquisite strawberry…

More about Mica!

My cat love 🙂

My cat Tito 🙂

My cat Luna 🙂

My puppy Max 🙂

My dog Sasha 🙂

I just feel like writing more so here I go. I’ll start with fashion for now. Fashion is a very important thing in my life. My appearance only matters to me because I want to wear and dress in styles as I like. I think that if I were to wear clothes that had neon green cats on them with some odd pun, I would slap myself. Anyways since my grade is VERY uncultured, I hope if anyone reads this, they will finally understand. I am not emo okay, I dress very grunge y2k okay. Anyways another thing that I love is drawing. As much as I love drawing I hate showing people my drawings unless I’m very close with them. My style is like those Pinterest drawings for pfps (profile pictures). Another hobby I love are the sports I play, I take Taekwondo (Tae-kwon-dough) and Equestrian which is another word for horse-back riding. They’re both very fun and tiring.

Now besides hobbies I just want to show my pets, but first a re-introduction because why not. I have pets, 5 to be exact. I have two British shorthairs, they are both sisters. Their names are Love and Luna. They’re both girls. I also have an Abyssinian cat named Tito, he’s a male. I also have two dogs. One of them is a pit bull +  brown Labrador mix named Sasha, while my other Maxamus is a pure black lab. We just call him Max though! That’s all for now<3